Participated as a Chinese name expert in Channel News Asia program "Hooked on Huayu".
Onscreen were news presenter Miss Melissa Hyak and expatriate Mr Sebastien Bruggeman.

Lee Yuhon
Singapore Geomancer
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Name Analysis
A metaphysics study of Chinese
name. Its objective is to enhance our  
life by building helpful elements into
our Chinese name.
Business Name
Charges: S$888
Birth data of business operator is required for the analysis
and audit of Chinese business name.

Personal Name
Charges: S$138
For selection of baby Chinese name, please provide;
Gender, birth date & time of newborn.
Chinese name of parents, and siblings if any.
For change of existing Chinese name, please provide;
Current Chinese name.
Gender, birth date & time.
Chinese name of parents, siblings or children if any.
Birth date & time information must be accurate so that  helpful elements can be built into our Chinese name to
help us cope during bad times and excel in the good times.
For change of Chinese name, you may choose to retain
English name so as to avoid pesky changes in passport,
bank account & other relevant document.

For more details, please contact us for a non-obligatory
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