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What is Feng Shui?
"Fengshui manages five
main elements when
harmonizing our
environment : water, wood,
fire, earth and metal. Each
one of these five elements
move in different way and
make the flow of
energy(chi) vary. With the
proper organisation and
distribution of chi, it can
improve our health, wealth
and personal
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Fengshui Master Lee Yuhon
The 8 wonders of "I-ching"( 易 經 )
I-ching, an ancient Chinese classic scripture, was known to be the best of
many great scriptures. The 8 major elements of our mother nature :heaven,
earth, wind, thunder, water, fire, mountain & swamp, have formulated
theories of the environmental nature & principles of life in today's modern
world. The fundamentals of yin & yang, comprehensive intelligence of 8
trigrams and the enlightening 64 hexagrams, found in I-ching have been
accepted and practiced by many researchers around the world. These
wisdoms of I-ching are closely related to our society & way of life, it is also
the main foundation of many metaphysics studies.

"Chi"( 氣 ) is a vital life force
"Chi" is the Chinese word used to describe "the natural energy of the
universe". This energy is a vital life force which we cannot see, hear, smell or
touch. It is present in everywhere and affects every area of our life. The key
concept is when "Chi" is well balance, life will be in harmony but when it is
ruined, life will be off-balanced. The art of Fengshui is to balance "Chi" so as
to help us cope during the bad times and to gain in the good times.  
participated as a name expert in Channel News Asia program
Bad feng shui at Bedok Reservoir? Razor TV
The internet has been awash with speculation regarding the cause of the string of
drownings at Bedok Reservoir. Does the place have bad feng shui? We speak to 2
feng shui masters and explore their predictions and interpretations.

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