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Auspicious Date Selection

Wedding Date
Charges: S$138
For selection of wedding date, please provide;
Birth date and time of Bride and Groom.
Birth year of Bride and Groom's parents.
Preference of year, month and weekday/weekend.
Prefer wedding lunch or dinner.
We will provide;
Gift exchange date. 【過大礼】
ROM and banquet date.
Timing to fetch Bride and tea ceremony.

Bed Setting Date 【安床】
Charges: S$168
A trip to your home will be arranged to evaluate your wedding bedroom and select an auspicious date for the
bed setting.

Cesarean Birth Date
Charges: S$388
For selection of c-section date, please provide;
Gender of baby
Birth date and time of parents.
Cesarean birth period approved by your gynae.
How many good date will be given?
The number of good date is subject to its availability in different birth period. For the benefit of your child, it is
advisable to book a favorable c-section time slot with your
gynae at the earliest possible.

Auspicious date for renovation & business opening.
(Available in fengshui consultation package only.)

Auspicious date for renovation & move in.
(Available in fengshui consultation package only.)
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